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Tae - What Love Is (CD)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Tae's debut album, "What Love Is" has a very diverse mixture of Soul, R&B, and Pop-Rock.

    “What Love Is” as an album, highlights the different experiences of self-love, love received, and love given. As a collection, it is a very dynamic set of songs and stories. With every track, a lesson learned inspired each one. The emotions that go on in this album range from deep emptiness to melancholy to empowerment.

    Tae wrote the title track of the album as a concerned questioning to the masses, but it sounds like it could interchangeably be written about an interpersonal relationship. When asked what this song meant to Tae, she responded with;

    “We get so stuck in these socially engrained concepts of what love is and we get so lost in what love is in the eye of public acceptance. We base our standards and expectations off of the media, movies, and how people try to mimic those things, but love is a feeling that we mistakably dress in different amenities based on these influences. It doesn’t matter the religion, sexuality, age, money, beliefs, or walk someone walks, love was never supposed to be political, and the second it is made so, it is null and void. It is so easy to get lost in the current of social dynamic, that we can sometimes become prone to questioning what is real. It is hard to follow your gut sometimes when the public scream seems louder. Fight that. Always let your love be honest.”

    This title track represents the album in full.


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