Born and raised in Green Bay, WI, Tae is an original artist breaking out of the locale to bring her voice to the world. Many of her works are in the directions of R&B, Soul, and Pop-Rock. Don't be surprised to find a wide array of instrumentation and surprising surges of various styles within her art.
With many words to say and stories to tell, Tae’s work stands as a force to inspire social change and bring awareness to listeners about the dynamics of the world, ranging from macro to micro.

                  "I am a voice, and if the people beside me are willing to listen, then I believe it is my duty to utilize the ability to be an advocate and agent of social change and inspire growth in the community and in individuals.”  

- Tae

Tae has performed mainly as a soloist since 2012 and as of 2019 she has been traveling with her music across the United States and reaching listeners further than that with her very first single, “Maggie Sue”. On November 28, 2019, Tae’s single, “I’m Through”was released and then on December 25, 2019, another single, “Used Me Up”was released. Finally, the debut of her band and first full length album, “What Love Is”became available January 1, 2020.